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Option House, Inc. is committed to empowering victims of domestic violence by providing a 24 hr crisis intervention shelter, community awareness outreach services, education, legal advocacy, resources, as well as, promote health services for overall well-being.


what is domestic violence?

 Services include: counseling, education, intervention, advocacy,  food, clothing, and support services. The agency also provides outreach services, legal services and information, education and awareness; last year we provided services to over 2000 people!

Physical or emotional abuse directed at partners, siblings, children or elders. If anyone in your family is experiencing abuse, please read the following tips. They can help your family cope with violence, recover from the pain of abuse and go on to experience the joy and trust of supportive, happy relationships.

Violence in the home harms everyone in the family. Children are especially vulnerable. When they see violent behavior between family members, or when they're abused themselves, they may grow up to be abusive to their partners or children. As parents it's our responsibility to prevent family violence and this cycle of abuse.

If you're coping with the violence in your home, remember you're not alone. Abusive behavior affects every neighborhood, ethnic background and economic class. No family is immune. But no family should be victimized by violence.

Option House, Inc., is a non-profit 501(c)(3) serving San Bernardino County since 1977.  We are working together with our community partners to assist individuals and families to provide 24 hour crisis intervention and emergency shelter services in order to accomplish our mission.  

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  • 24-hour Crisis Line
  • Domestic Violence Assistance Center
  • Domestic Violence Shelter Services
  • Food, Clothing & Basic Necessities
  • Victim's Support Groups
  • DV ED Group
  • Domestic Violence Training Classes (fee for 40-hour certification class)
  • Information & Referral
  • Prevention Services
  • Youth Outreach
  • ​​Courthouse Family Violence Advocacy